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2018 Fall Parade of Homes: FAST Process (Part 3)

When you’re ready to move into your dream home, there’s nothing as sweet as getting there faster than you’d ever think. At Heartland Builders, we have a process that provides you with the highest-quality home in the lowest possible amount of time. Our promise of Easy. Fun. and Fast(er than you think) is a guarantee that makes building with us a partnership you’ll never forget.

At this year’s Fall Parade of Homes from October 5th to October 20th, hosted by the HBA of Greater Grand Rapids, you’ll get to see first-hand how beautiful our homes are. Our team believes that no homeowner should have to wait an eternity for one of these homes — with us, you’ll have the key to your front door in your hands in no time!

Below, happy homeowners Trish and Steve (who is our Estimator!) discuss how FAST it is to build a home with us.

Quick From Start to Finish

Heartland Builders Fall Parade of Homes 2018 Grand Rapids home

Our team started working on the couple’s home in mid-April, right after spring break, with an end-of-September finish date. Once Trish and Steve found a lot, “Bam, it was going!” They came across the home site of their dreams, and “everything was perfect and went quickly from there.”

When our team sets a schedule for your dream home, we promise to stick to it. You’ll always know that the timeline we give you is the one that you can count on.

Finding the Right Floor Plan

 Heartland Builders Fall Parade of Homes 2018 Grand Rapids home fireplace

Both Trish and Steve say that choosing a floor plan was smooth sailing because they knew what they wanted, and could easily find it in the gallery. Trish says, “getting the drawings set went really quickly, then it was just fine-tuning. That process was really, really easy.”

Our designer made sure she knew exactly what Trish and Steve liked and what they were looking for. From there, they wanted 2-3 options presented to them so they were not overwhelmed with choices. This made their selection process as quick and easy as can be.

Always in the Loop

Heartland Builders Fall Parade of Homes 2018 Grand Rapids kitchen         Part of what makes our fast process so rewarding is that homeowners get to enjoy their daily lives while being kept up to date. When Trish was traveling with her son during the summer, she had the chance to log into our system, or get a notification telling her where things were standing.

“It wasn’t intrusive,” Trish says, “but if I wanted to look, it was there.” She says that having all of those tools at her fingertips made her feel like she was never in the dark. “We had the utmost faith in Heartland Builders, and I knew we would hear if there was something we needed to check on. Otherwise, I was able to let it go when I needed to. It was comforting.”

Communication with our homeowners is our highest priority, especially because they don’t always get to see the changes that are going on. But Trish and Steve always knew that things were happening, and we made sure they felt great every step of the way. “We are living proof that that’s how it works!”

Heartland Builders Fall Parade of Homes 2018 Grand Rapids

We’re always told that incredible things are worth the wait, but at Heartland Builders, we believe in breaking the mold. Our process is as easy, fun, and fast as can be so that you’ll always look back on your journey with the best memories. We can’t wait to see you at this year’s Fall Parade of Homes and discuss the ways that we can make your process as fun and smooth as can be!

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