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2018 Fall Parade of Homes: FUN Process (Part 2)

Every Heartland Builders home is built with the highest-quality expertise and the greatest care, guaranteed. Our promise to our homeowners is that you’ll understand the meaning of “there’s no place like home” the very moment you open your front door. Best of all, the entire process leading up to this incredible moment is always Easy. Fun. and Fast(er than you think).

We can’t wait for you to see first-hand how spectacular our homes are at this year’s Fall Parade of Homes from October 5th to October 20th, hosted by the HBA of Greater Grand Rapids. Not only that, you’ll get a taste for how stress-free our home building process is for every homeowner. Because your peace of mind is one of our biggest priorities, we always ensure that you have as little to worry about as possible.

Below, happy homeowners Trish and Steve (who is our Estimator!) discuss how FUN it is to build a home with us.


Bringing Your Story to Life

Heartland Builders Parade of Homes FUN

Both Trish and Steve were sure about the features that they wanted to incorporate into their home, including exposed brick and furniture that Steve had built for their old home that they wanted to incorporate into their new home. Watching Heartland Builders make it all happen was a blast. Trish especially loved watching our team translate her vision and journey into what she wanted for her forever home.

After living downtown in a condo for 2 years, Trish says that “you’re able to pick some of the best memories and incorporate them into one house, which tells a story. I think it’s really cool because it’s ours.” In fact, part of their home’s design was built around their ideas for the shelves and brick.


Customization for Now and Forever

What could be more fun than personalizing the details of your home? One of the couple’s favorite customized features is their gorgeous fireplace, in which they picked out tile that looks like brick, and incorporated a TV inside of the tile. We know that they’ll love enjoying their fireplace, especially because it reflects their style inside and out.

Heartland Builders Parade of Homes Fireplace

Most importantly, Steve and Trish wanted to prioritize a safe design for their nephew who uses a wheelchair. Of course, Heartland Builders understands the importance of family over everything, so we utilized a design that kept Carson in mind. Heartland Builders “had a lot of really good ideas as far as considering flooring,” Trish says. They “knew what was really important to us. It really worked.”


You’re Here to Have Fun

Heartland Builders Parade of Homes FUN 3d design

One of the most fun parts of the Heartland Builders process is our 3D feature, without a doubt. Trish particularly loved “being able to see the process come together in real life versus what was on paper.” Although what’s on paper made sense to her, it was still difficult to visualize what the space would really feel like. Being able to see the home every step of the way was an amazing part of the journey, and gave her the confidence to say “yes, this is exactly what we envisioned from the beginning.”

The most fun part for Steve? “When I turn the key and move in!!”


Working With the Heartland Builders Team

Trish says the entire process has certainly embodied the promise of Easy, Fun, Fast(er than you think). She thinks it’s truly amazing how quickly things have gone, especially for someone who appreciates the behind-the-scenes planning that makes everything fall into place when you break ground. “That’s how I need to operate,” Trish says, “and it makes things very easy.”

While Trish and Steve already knew their home building team well, the amount of interest that Rich and Cindy showed in making sure they got everything they wanted really made a difference. Even though Steve is already an employee, he never felt less important — in fact, everything stayed the same, on schedule, and has been so easy. “We did feel like we were the customer, too!” Steve says.

Heartland Builders Parade of Homes FUN

When it comes to bringing your dream home to life, you’ve never guessed how much fun it can be… With Heartland Builders, stress is not a part of the agenda, so you can enjoy every step of this rewarding journey. We can’t wait to see you at this year’s Fall Parade of Homes and discuss the ways that we can make your process as fun and smooth as can be!

Heartland Builders is a custom home builder located in Grand Rapids, MI. For more information on our homes, please visit www.heartlandbuilders.com, or call 616-205-5430.