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5 Ways to Include Your Kids in the Homebuilding Process

Who says your dream home has to be a world away? In fact, with our Easy. Fun. Fast(er than you think) building process, the home you deserve comes to life right before your eyes. Best of all, as you experience our speedy and exciting process, you can easily include your kids in the homebuilding process, too!

For 20 years, families have trusted Heartland Builders to change their lives for the better. Along this wonderful journey, even the little ones benefit from the one-of-a-kind experience of building a home with us.


Here’s how you can bring your kids along for the ride:

1. Track the Progress

Our building process is efficient and enjoyable and shows just how important both expertise and organization is when it comes to taking on a project. Let your kids track the progress of their new home with stars! You can print out or create your own Heartland Builders path/process, and allow them to place a star sticker on each completed step. They’ll love monitoring the journey with you.


family ribbon cutting

2. Celebrate the Special Moments!

There’s no better feeling than the weight of your new home keys in your hand. When the time comes for the ribbon-cutting, your kids should be just as excited as you are. Allow them to celebrate and get ready to move by helping them hold the scissors! Since moving is a big deal for everyone, cutting the ribbon with your kids will be a special moment for all.


3. Have Fun in the Design Center

One of the best parts about building with us is that you get to make all of your own selections. In our Design Center, the options for your home — from cabinetry and counters, to tiles and flooring — are endless. Let your kids in on the fun of design and customization by encouraging them to draw a picture of their new bedroom or help pick out the paint color for their bedroom walls. They’ll never forget the experience of seeing their creation come to life!


kids home building

4. Help Them Grow

What could be more special to a child than watching something grow? When you build with us, you get to visit your homesite 4 times under construction. As you make sure everything fits your standards, your kids can plant a small tree or flower and watch it blossom along with the home! When they arrive home for the first time, they’ll see their plant in full bloom, ready to grow with them in their new space.

5. Keep a Journal

When your kids are old enough to keep a journal, they’ll discover just how much fun it is to document the progress of something and tell a story. Encouraging them to maintain journal entries during the homebuilding process will not only help them improve their writing and grammar skills, but will make the entire journey that much more exciting. You can even sneak in a surprise guest entry here and there…

Building a home with Heartland Builders is an experience unlike any other, and we can’t wait for you to share this one-of-a-kind adventure with your kids! When these special moments are enjoyed together, from making initial design choices to visiting your homesite, stepping into your forever home for the first time will feel as sweet as can be… just as it should!

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