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Build Your New Home With Confidence

Building a new home should be a positive, fulfilling and fun experience, but sometimes we hear stories from new homeowners that tell otherwise. When that happens, we think about what we as builders, and you, can do to ensure you Build with Confidence. Here’s our advice:


Live within your means.

Know your budget and stick with it.

Preview your home – in 3D!

We will show you your home in 3D, inside and out, before we ever break ground.

Design with confidence

We build for future homeowners, not interior designers (unless you happen to be both!) Let us help you create a beautiful home in our Design Center, where our Design Consultant will guide you every step of the way.

Make selections first

Make all of your selections BEFORE breaking ground.  That way, you know the cost of your home before you start building.

Site evaluation.

Every site is different and this is where you can control the variables that will control the costs. Not every builder can do that. We can!

Ask for a timeline.

Get a schedule of the construction timeline. That way, you are confident that progress is being made.

Get familiar with the warranty.

Know what’s covered and how often your home will be visited during the warranty period. (With Heartland Builders, it’s 90 days, 6 months, and 11 months after move in.)

Research your builder. 

We hire a national third party firm to survey each of our clients. Our survey results are published online.  If a builder doesn’t do that, you should ask for references and call them. (We can give you questions to ask!)

We believe building a home is 75% planning and 25% construction. Plan right, build right! Our process allows you to build with confidence so you know that your home is exactly what you want at the price you can afford. Building a home with Heartland Builders is Easy, Fun, and Fast(er than you think.) Contact us at 616-205-5430 or cindy@heartlandbuilders.com to learn more.

Heartland Builders is an on-your-lot custom home builder serving the Grand Rapids and West Michigan area. For more information, visit www.HeartlandBuilders.com.