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Designing An Outdoor Space You Love | Blog

At Heartland Builders, we believe that home is the most personal place in the world — it’s where you recharge in the morning and relax at the end of the day. It’s where the greatest moments of your life happen, even when you’re least expecting them to. That’s why with us, your customization preferences always come first.

This past May, Zillow reported that more homeowners are opting to extend their indoor space to the outdoors. If you like to enjoy fresh air while reading a book or entertain guests with dinner and drinks under the stars, you now have every opportunity to dream up the outdoor space that makes your life even more beautiful!

No matter what you love to do most with your free time, our team at Heartland Builders will work closely with you to design the space that fits like a glove. Take a look at how we can turn your backyard into paradise:

For the Cozy Reader:

If you’re like us, there’s nothing that warms your heart more than a cool, crisp fall day in Grand Rapids. From the expanse of vibrant colors to the fresh, seasonal scents, spending time outside in autumn is one of the most enjoyable ways to unwind. Now that the new season is approaching, envision how incredible a three-season room would be in a cozy new home…

At Heartland Builders, we can create the room of your dreams that allows you to enjoy the beautiful fall weather in the most comfortable way possible. Do you love to relax in the morning with a cup of coffee and a good book? A three-season room might be the perfect place for you. We can even add a fireplace and we always have screens to repel bugs. And last but not least, when it gets cold, the roof lets you be outside (even on rainy days). After all, there’s nothing cozier than the sound of the rain while you read!

For the Fun Host/Hostess:

You may already know the thrill of a grill in the warm weather, but how about extending your entire kitchen into the outdoors? With us, you can create a seamless space where you (and your family and guests) can move in and out as you please… with ease! Do you love hosting seasonal dinner parties? How about weeknight happy hours, game nights, and birthday celebrations? With a gorgeous outdoor living area, complete with a dining table, chairs, a bar, a fire pit, etc., all of your dreams of entertaining become a reality.

For the Busy Heartland Homeowner:

It goes without saying that life gets busy. From work to errands to finding time to simply relax, we’re constantly running on tight schedules (and too little coffee…) If you enjoy a busy life — hey, there’s nothing wrong with that! — then you’ll absolutely love the peace-of-mind that quality, low-maintenance products bring you.

How nice would it be to never worry about dealing with repairs in your outdoor space? For instance, when it comes to decking, many of our homeowners decide to have composites installed instead; they never need refinishing and they look incredible. The only work that’s up to you is the occasional sweep!

At Heartland Builders, we always look forward to the fall — new scenery, new scents, and of course, new chances for you to start your journey home! If you’re ready to customize a living space to fit your preferences perfectly, all of us are right behind you. For more information on our beautiful homes and customization options, as well as our Easy. Fun. and Fast(er) than you think building process, please call 616-205-5430.