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Do You Need To Have A Design? | Blog

Hello, blog reader! Heartland Builders has a quick activity for you: sit back, close your eyes, and envision your all-time dream home. Do you see your family sharing a moonlit dinner on a beautiful screened porch? How about a personalized, abundant flex space where you can finish that project you’re so passionate about? 

Whether you have a clear-cut idea of what you want your home to look and feel like, or you only know that you definitely want a “family-first” design, we have a wide array of customizable plans available for you. Therefore, if you’ve ever wondered if you need to have a design before you come to us, we’re happy to say N-O! 

When you trust us to build the most special place in your life, you can be sure that we’ll work closely with you every step of the way. Start with one of our plans for inspiration and we will adjust it to make it perfect for your family, draw your perfect plan on a piece of paper and we will work with that or maybe you find a few on the internet that you like and we will combine them to make one awesome home that matches your unique lifestyle perfectly.  People come to us with plans in all different forms and we are happy to work with them all.  

Most importantly, our team wants you to be 100% confident and happy with the plan we create together. But it’s not enough to see it on paper; at Heartland Builders, we take it a step further (because everything’s more fun “outside of the box”) and let you see your home in 3D. This way, you can really tell whether it’s right for you.

From the features of your bedrooms to the layout of your kitchen, our team is here to satisfy each and every one of your needs, no matter how small the details are. In fact, little details are our specialty (we believe they have the biggest impact), so you should never feel discouraged to discuss the detail that matters most!

The next time you close your eyes and envision your dream home, remember that it’s completely okay to not have a precise idea. After all, that’s what we’re here for! Our caring and knowledgeable team will work with you to uncover what’s most important to you and how we can accommodate all of your needs. For a little design inspiration, take a look at our most popular floor plans of 2019!

If you’re ready to come home to a living space that loves you back, all of us at Heartland Builders can’t wait to meet you! For more information on our homes in Grand Rapids, please call 616-205-5430.