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Energy Matters: Energy-Wise Construction at Heartland Builders | Blog

Fall is officially here, and what a beautiful time to change the world! Homes built with energy-wise construction principles do their part to save the environment, which is why we’ve put an emphasis on energy efficiency since the very beginning. After all, our beautiful planet is the ultimate home — why not give it the love it deserves?


At Heartland Builders, we construct our new homes with “green” practices that make your life more comfortable while saving you money on your energy bill and helping you to do your part. What could feel better than knowing you’re doing something good for yourself and others? Here’s how we make the magic happen:


Design: First, we situate your home in the most advantageous position relative to the sun in order to reap the benefits of natural light and relative to your site to take advantage of the terrain. We also value engineer your home to minimize the waste of building material and optimize labor efficiency. 


Thermal Envelope: In order to save you money on heating and make your home more comfortable, Heartland Builders uses rigid foam around your entire home to stop thermal bridging. Essentially, this thermal envelope is like wrapping a blanket around your home to reduce the transfer of heat to the outside (We also stop cold drafts through air sealing!).


Mechanical Systems: Like us, your home needs to breathe, so we bring fresh air into your living space through mechanical ventilation using an Energy Recovery Ventilator (not a bath fan). We also make sure your mechanicals are sized correctly for your home.


Resource Efficiency: Let’s discuss what is important to you. Would you like duo flush toilets or water-saving faucets? What about LED lights throughout your whole home? You get to choose.


Energy Analysis: We stop at nothing to deliver our promise of safe and healthy energy efficiency. In fact, all of our homes are tested by a third party to guarantee this incredible benefit for you and your family.


Homeowner Education: How an individual homeowner lives in their Heartland Builders home has the greatest impact on energy efficiency. In order for you to make the most out of your living experience, we provide a homeowner orientation to get you up to speed with how your home can work for you! 


Are you ready to move into an efficient, healthy home that lives the way that you do? Our Heartland Builders living spaces are ready to make the world and most importantly, your lifestyle — better each and every day. For more information on our energy-efficient new homes in the Grand Rapids area, please call 616-205-5430.