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Fall Parade of Homes Part 2: Fun

Birthdays, brunches, holidays, movie nights, graduations, family dinners… the memories you make from the comfort of home are truly priceless. That’s why we believe the look and feel of your home — from your kitchen to your living room and every inch in between — should be entirely up to you. After all, when your home fits you just right, all those special moments are even sweeter.


With our next Parade of Homes event coming up soon, we wanted to reintroduce you to recent Heartland homeowners, Steve and Gina, who talked about how easy it was to build a home with us. This week, we’re excited to share how much fun it is to customize a Heartland home! In their own words, here’s what this couple has to say about the process of making their home entirely their own.


Of all the customizations you made to your home, which one was the most fun and/or special to incorporate and why?


Steve: We made the pantry a lot bigger, which was something we both really wanted and needed. We cut some of the space out of the flex/laundry room, but they’re still two usable rooms and we gained a huge pantry out of it.

Fall Parade of Homes


Which part of the home building process was the most fun and why?


Gina: The changes that are progressively made at the home!


Steve: We started in winter, so the leaves were off the trees and we cleared a lot because we’re in the woods. So we went from woods to an open, empty lot to having structure. Each week, up until mid-March, we were able to see a lot of progress on the house and property. The property is near and dear to us. It’s incredible seeing the evolution of the entire property being developed, with changes to the house also. We go over often!


Gina: Our youngest daughter is really excited and looking forward to it. She’s a designer in the making. She’s disappointed the master isn’t hers!


What was it like working with Rich, Cindy, and the team?


Steve: They’re great!! We got quick answers from everybody. There was a really quick turnaround to get the project started, and it’s been pretty smooth sailing. They have a great team.


How did you bring your personality into your home?


Gina: The modern farmhouse theme we chose with the blue door, warm white walls, and hardware shows our style.


Steve: With the flooring and color of the door, it looks like a beachy farmhouse. We’re about a half mile from Lake Michigan, so this fits the property and fits us.

When you trust Heartland Builders with your home, you can be sure that we have your back the entire way. We guarantee that customizing your brand new home is as fun as possible, because you deserve a process that’s easy, fun, and faster than you think. For more information about our beautiful new homes in Grand Rapids, you can contact us at 616-205-5430.