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Fall Parade of Homes Part 3: Fast

If your wants and needs have changed in the past year, you’re certainly not alone. Right now, you may be prioritizing bigger bedrooms, more storage options, an open-concept living area to better connect with family, and personalizations that make time spent at home even cozier.


If you’re ready for a home that doesn’t just embrace your lifestyle, but enhances it, nothing should stand in your way — especially a long building process. At Heartland Builders, our team of experts has perfected every step of the process to ensure that your one-of-a-kind home is ready for you in the least amount of time possible.


With our next Parade of Homes event coming up quickly, what better time to share how fast and efficient our process is? We’re excited to share more insight from recent Heartland homeowners, Steve and Gina, about their enjoyable experience with us!


Parade of Homes


From start to finish, how many months did it take to complete your dream home?


Steve: We met with Cindy, Rich, and the team in November 2019, and by then, most of the basic details were built out to where we could go to our lender. We started that process around mid-December, and even with the issues we had with our bank (no reflection of Heartland), we broke ground January 31. It was a quick process from the decisions and design standpoint.


Which part of the process went much quicker than you expected?


Steve: I was impressed with how fast the initial setting of walls and framing went. By the time COVID hit in mid-March, our house had already been framed and roughed with doors and windows put in, and the property was wrapped for the weather. We were able to walk away from construction knowing our house was safe. In 6 weeks I was so amazed at how fast and buttoned up everything was.


What surprised you most about the journey from start to finish?


Steve: I think the answer is NOTHING and that’s a tribute to how organized Heartland is. There haven’t been surprises because any time we needed to look at something, we turned to our schedule. There were very few open-ended questions because the team addressed them immediately.


Would you recommend Heartland Builders to someone looking to build on their own lot?


Steve/Gina: Yes! Absolutely.


If you had to describe the entire process in one word, what would it be?


Steve: Easy or organized. The process was planned, organized, orchestrated, easy. All those are the same, but it’s been smooth sailing.


Gina: I would agree!


Steve: We hear horror stories about budget and time, but we’ve had zero issues with budget.

When you trust Heartland Builders with your home, you can be sure that we have your back the entire way. We guarantee that the process of building your brand new home happens as efficiently and quickly as possible, because you deserve a process that’s easy, fun, and faster than you think. For more information about our beautiful new construction homes in Grand Rapids, you can contact us at 616-205-5430.