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Frequently Asked Questions
What's the difference between a production and custom builder?

The major difference is that production builders only allow for small custom changes and limited choices for finishes. Production builders also build multiple homes at a fast pace usually in a neighborhood that they have developed. Heartland, as a custom builder, lets you take the reins. After all, your home is entirely yours from the top to bottom. Once you’ve chosen your floor plan, we’ll let you see it in 3D so you can modify it however you’d like. When you get to see your home before it’s built, you’re able to visualize exactly what you want before construction starts. This way, the finished product is just what you’ve always dreamed of!

What should I think about before meeting with you?

Before you talk with our fun and friendly team for the first time, there are a few things you can prepare or think about:

  • Your Budget: If you don’t have a precise idea of your budget, that’s totally normal. Talk to a banker about getting pre-qualified. If you have a home to sell, you can also talk with realtors to figure out what you can expect to receive from the sale. And we’re here to work with you to determine which kinds of plans will be a perfect fit!
  • Your Style: This is the best part! Think of whatever you’ve always wanted for your home. Think about what kind and style of home you want, how many rooms, which specific features, and where you want to live. Our team will ensure that your vision comes to life as accurately as possible.
  • Utilities You Need/Prefer: When it comes to utilities, you’ll decide between septic and well or a municipal connection. If you’re not sure which route you want/need to go (and we don’t blame you), we’re here to help you out!
  • Any Questions: Before we meet, we suggest that you write out a list of questions or concerns that you have about the process. You’ll find a host of resources around our website, as well as in-depth information about all of our homes. Don’t worry about coming in with a long list — our job is to make sure you feel completely confident!


Is your process different if I live far away?

No! At Heartland Builders, one of our biggest priorities is making the homebuilding experience Easy. Fun. and Fast(er) than you think. Even if you live thousands of miles away, you can rest assured that you’ll be taken care of just the same.
Take a look at how we ensure the most fun and easy building process for everyone:

  • Virtual WebEx Meetings: Of course, narrowing on the architectural design and floor plan of your home is one of the most exciting parts of the process. But when you can’t physically be in our design center, we will work via WebEx (video) so that you can see the changes to your home as we make them – together – even though we are not physically in the same location.
  • Co-Construct: When you work with us, you always get to see the progress of your home… in the palm of your hand. Wherever you are, our online homeowner portal, Co-Construct, provides you with secure access to the important information you want about your home, from the schedule to documents and photos, to real-time updates and more.
  • We’re Site Experts: We know the homebuilding process like the backs of our hands. When it comes to the land your home will be built on, we call ourselves “site experts,” because we know exactly what it will or will not need. You’ll never feel lost or confused during this step, no matter where you are because we are also expert communicators.
  • Easy. Fun. Fast(er) than you think: Since 1997, our team has made it our mission to change the homebuilding process. Whereas it used to be viewed as something stressful and difficult, we’ve turned it into something enjoyable and exciting. Trust us, we have this organized and down to a science!
Do I need to have a design already prepared?

We’re happy to say N-O! Whether you have a clear-cut idea of what you want your home to look and feel like, or you only know that you definitely want a “family-first” design, we have a wide array of customizable plans available for you. We’ll work closely with you every step of the way. Start with one of our plans for inspiration and we will adjust it to make it perfect for your family. Draw your perfect plan on a piece of paper and we will work with that. Or find a few on the internet that you like and we will combine them to make one awesome home that matches your unique lifestyle perfectly. People come to us with plans in all different forms and we are happy to work with them all.

How do you make sure I stay within my budget?

Lots of ways! While we don’t care about the price of your home, we do care about you being able to afford it – and your other life goals. Our process will result in a home you love, while allowing you to stay within your budget.

  • Pre-Priced Plans and Options: These help you quickly understand the price of your home. If you modify our plans, or bring your own, we will also prepare a detailed budget.
  • 3D Design: Seeing your home in 3D before we break ground helps minimize changes during construction and costs.
  • Our Design Center: It is filled with beautiful options for all price levels of homes. And our Design Consultant is there to help you manage your money.
  • Land Evaluation: We visit each site to review the topography and other site conditions so that variables are minimized.
  • Making Selections Before Groundbreaking: This approach ensures you are in control of your selections and finances. It means we can design and build your home according to your selections which results in fewer changes.
  • Quality of Construction: We build using products that are energy efficient, and universal design principles that ensure your home will age gracefully, and you will be able to live in it longer.
Why do I need a land evaluation?

Land is typically the greatest variable in the home building process. Every site we build on is different, and every home we build is unique. We come out and look at it with you, and assist you in understanding how your site will impact your home – and budget! We take the time to understand the nuances of each site, including:

  • Topographical analysis
  • Soil conditions
  • Utility costs (water, sewer, gas, electric)
  • Tree clearing
  • Municipality requirement
  • Impact on the environment & neighboring properties


Do you have a warranty?

We have a one-year warranty. We will visit you at 90 days and 11 months to review that your home is performing well. Of course, if something happens in between, let us know. We will support you and your home.