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Favorite Locations From Your Heartland Builders Team! | Blog

Canoeing and kayaking on the river, enjoying the “best burger in the country,” realizing that snow couldn’t possibly look more beautiful anywhere else… there are so many reasons that we love living here in Grand Rapids, and we can’t wait for you to experience the Michigan magic for yourself!

We know that moving to a new town can be difficult, but we have wonderful news: you picked the world’s greatest place to settle into. No, really! Just ask anyone that lives here — the moment you arrive, you’ll immediately feel that pull in your heart that tells you you’re home. 

While you unpack your things and get acclimated to your brand new Heartland Builders home, take a look at a few of the nearby places that our team members absolutely love. When you’re ready to head out for a celebratory cocktail or an exploration around town, you’ll know exactly where to go!

Favorite place to grab a quick bite:

Steve (estimator/project manager): Timbers
Bob (estimator/purchasing): Tacos El Cunado on Grandville Ave
Nate (project manager): Zeytin in Ada
Cindy (owner and Rich’s wife!): Flo’s Pizza

Favorite place to grab a drink:

Steve: Cheer’s
Bob: Meanwhile Bar
Nate: The Score if it’s early, Vestal Inn for a dive bar, Butcher’s Union for upscale
Cindy: Blue Water Grill
Rich (owner and Cindy’s husband!): Perrin’s Brewery

Favorite place to catch a film:

Steve: Netflix in your Heartland Builders home, of course!
Bob: Wealthy Street Theatre
Nate: Celebration on the Beltline
Cindy: AMC Grand Rapids on Alpine
Rich: AMC Grand Rapids on Alpine

Favorite place to watch a game:

Steve: The Score
Bob: Whitecaps at Fifth Third Ballpark
Nate: Hop Cat on the Beltline
Cindy: There’s no place like your Heartland Builders home!
Rich: Ford Field 

Best advice for a newcomer to the area:

Bob: There are so many great rivers within a half hour of the city! Get a canoe, kayak, paddle board, tube… whatever you can to get on the water!

Nate: Take advantage of the farmer’s markets, music venues in the summer, wonderful art installations all over town, local theater, and the hundreds of trails and natural parks. Go to Eastown and enjoy the delicious food and community atmosphere. Make it to Grand Haven and walk the strip to check out the restaurants and shops. Ask questions about what you’re interested in; there are so many nice people here that give out great advice.

Cindy: Explore!

From all of us at Heartland Builders, welcome to Grand Rapids and welcome home!