Building your home on your budget

We Believe You Sould Live Within Your Means!

We don’t care about the price of your home, we care about you being able to afford it (along with your other life goals.) Your home is part of your financial future. Don’t trust it to just anyone. We believe that the process we have created for you will result in a home you will love, and allow you to stay within your budget.


How Do We Do It?

  • Our Pre-Priced Plans and Options will help you quickly understand the price of your home. If you modify our plans, or bring your own, we are still going to prepare a detailed budget.


  • See your home in 3D before we break ground.  This will help minimize changes during construction and costs.


  • Our Design Center is filled with beautiful options for all price levels of homes. Our Design Consultant is not there to assist you in spending your money, but to help you manage your money. With Heartland Builders, your budget matters!


  • Land Evaluation.  We visit each site to review the topography and other site conditions so that variables are minimized.
  • We require our clients to make their selections before we break ground. When you do that, any financial fears you may have are alleviated before you pursue financing for your home.  This approach ensures you are in control of your selections and finances. It also means we can design and build your home according to your selections which means fewer changes. Hurray for you!


  • Quality of Construction. We will build your home using great products that are energy efficient and practices that will ensure your home will age as gracefully as you do so you can afford it and live in it longer using universal design principles.


  • We don’t wake up everyday of building the cheapest home. We wake up everyday with the goal of building the best home our client can afford.

Afraid of Change Orders?

We care about those too!  With Heartland Builders, if you request a change we will not implement the change without first giving you a price in writing and receiving a formal approval from you.  You are in control of changes.

Fun Fact: During the last 15 years, our average client change orders during construction equal less than 2% of the contract price of their home.

Change orders are just not that common at Heartland Builders!

Construction Financing

Many of our clients obtain construction financing. About 30% of our clients pay cash for their home. No matter to us, we treat everyone the same.

Every 30 days we request payment from either your bank or you. Each time we do, you receive a detailed breakdown of the amount we are asking and what the money is being used for. We require lien waivers from our trade contractors and suppliers. Your money is easily accounted for, our process is very transparent and you will always know where you stand financially in regards to your home.