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2018 Fall Parade of Homes: Easy Process (Part 1)

The first time you step into your brand new Heartland Builders home, you immediately feel ecstatic, excited, and entirely at home. Our team makes this happen by building beautiful, high-quality homes that reflect your lifestyle, and by providing a process that’s Easy. Fun. and Fast(er than you think).

At this year’s Fall Parade of Homes from October 5th to October 20th, hosted by the HBA of Greater Grand Rapids, Heartland Builders wants you to see first-hand how stunning our homes are, as well as how smooth our home building process is, for every single homeowner. Gone are the days of stress and worry that your home will go over budget or not finish on time — with us, your peace of mind is our biggest priority.

Below, happy homeowners Trish and Steve (who is our Estimator!) discuss how EASY it is to build a home with us.


Choosing a Floor Plan

Ashton Floor Plan Heartland Builders

Once Trish and Steve decided on what they wanted to spend on their new home, they were able to easily sort through our floor plans to find the right one. With a clear vision in mind, they started with the floor plan finder, and reviewed price and square footage. They came upon the Ashton floor plan, and immediately knew it was the perfect inspiration for their “forever home”.

Trish and Steve say that The Ashton “fit everything we were looking for,” without having to strip away features to stay within their budget. Our wide variety of designs guarantee you’ll find a home that’s not only in your price range, but that offers the overall look and feel you’ve always wanted.


Making Customizations

Trish and Steve were happy with the specific features of the Ashton floor plan, but decided to put their own spin on a few of the rooms. By adding 127 additional square feet to the home, they were able to change the 3rd bedroom into a screened-in porch, move the kitchen from the back of the home to the front of the home, include a walk-in shower as opposed to a tub in the master bathroom, create a larger bedroom and closet and make the 2nd bedroom larger for their two boys (which might eventually become a bedroom with a sitting area for an aging parent!) We were also able to incorporate custom niches for shelving units that Steve made himself which we were thrilled to incorporate into the design of the home.

Adding a unique touch to their home made it that much cozier and personal. There’s nothing more special than the feeling of a spacious and comfortable home that speaks to you and your needs.



The 3D Experience

Visualizing a home before it’s built is not always easy, but Heartland Builders makes this easier than ever with our 3D feature! Trish says that as an accountant with a numbers-based brain, having the 3D feature on her side gave her the vision she needed to say “yes!”

Steve, being an Estimator at Heartland Builders, was able to envision everything, from how big a room would be to what it would look like when they walked through the front door, but still appreciated having the 3D available as a back-up. This provided both Trish and Steve with a sense of relief and confidence about their brand new home. Every aspect of the home was known and discussed ahead of time so nothing would come as a surprise come move-in day. With us, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy each minute of the creation of your home!


Showroom at the Office

Both Trish and Steve say that “without a doubt, having the showroom here at the office” was the easiest part of the easy process. Our team helped them select options based on their vision, which meant they could choose between several design schemes that we knew would look beautiful and work within their home. Our guidance and easy process ultimately made them feel confident in their decisions. With every step executed efficiently, there was no need for stress or overthinking.


Your Forever Home

During the process, Trish’s and Steve’s mantra was: “This is our forever home.” 

Trish says that when you’re watching Heartland Builders bring it all together, you really know that it is! When it comes to spending their life in their brand new home, they could not be more excited about their screened-in porch. “It is fantastic, the setting on our lot is perfect for it. It’s going to have a ceiling fan and a TV. We talk about coming home from work and… this is our spot.”

All of this and more is possible (and easy) with Heartland Builders! Whatever you desire for your new home, we can make it happen. We can’t wait to see you at this year’s Parade of Homes and discuss the ways that we can make your process as smooth as can be!


Fall Parade Home Kitchen

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