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Grand Rapids 2019 Spring Parade of Homes: Heartland Builders’ EASY Process (Part 1) | Blog

There’s nothing quite like opening the door to your new home for the first time. And at Heartland Builders, we’re firm believers that the road to move-in day should be just as memorable as this special moment. Over the past two decades, our team has perfected a unique process that’s Easy. Fun. and Fast(er) than you think, because we’ve never accepted the idea that building a new home has to be difficult.

At the 2019 Spring Parade of Homes, hosted by the HBA of Greater Grand Rapids from May 21 to June 15, Heartland Builders wants you to see first-hand how spectacular our one-of-a-kind homes are, as well as how easy and smooth our building process is for every homeowner. Gone are the days of worrying that your home will go over budget or not finish on time — with us, your confidence and peace of mind always comes first.

Below, the happy homeowners of our Parade home, Jon and Debbie, discuss how easy it is to build a home with us.


Creating Your Perfect Floor Plan 

Parade of Homes 2019 Spring Grand Rapids Michigan Heartland Builders new home


When they came to Heartland Builders, our first job was to listen — as we all looked at a sample plan together, we gave Jon and Debbie the opportunity to list the things they both liked and disliked. From this information (which always guides our next steps), we came up with a brand new plan, and by the end of our next meeting, their home design was essentially finalized.

In terms of creating a perfect-fit home, Heartland Builders utilizes a collaborative approach that blends the wants and needs of our homeowners with our own homebuilding prowess and creativity: “With Heartland, we would pose a problem, and they had ideas,” Debbie says. “The end result was a combination of our ideas and their expertise, and it seemed to flow really, really well.”


Making The Customizations You Want

 At Heartland Builders, personalizing your home from top to bottom is easy, fun, and exciting all at once (without any of the stress of time constraints and miscommunication). With Jon and Debbie, we held an efficient four-hour session to get the entire design in place, give or take a few tweaks, which proved to be easier than the couple ever expected.

“This process reflected the reasons we decided to go with Heartland Builders,” Jon says. “They had a plan to create the design quickly and completely, and really have it hold up. It showed how remarkably easy the design portion of the process is.” Above all else, our team believes in the power of paying attention, and making sure homeowners are always comfortable voicing their wants and needs.

“We literally have been talking about this house since the early days of our marriage 33 years ago, and so the idea that we’re actually going to move in is a dream come true,” Jon says. “We’ve had a lot of starts, stops, delays, and changes in our lives where we thought it would never happen, so to be this close is pretty incredible.” Debbie adds: “Dreams do come true. We go out there and look at it, and I have to remind myself that this is really my house. It’s finally real.”

With Heartland Builders, an easy building process is no longer a myth… Whatever you’ve always wanted for your new home, we can make it happen. We can’t wait to see you at this year’s Parade of Homes and discuss the ways that we guarantee a smooth process along with a lifetime of happiness in your home!


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