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Grand Rapids 2019 Spring Parade of Homes: Heartland Builders’ FUN Process (Part 2) | Blog

There’s nothing more fun than opening the door to your brand new home for the first time. At Heartland Builders, we believe that the road to move-in day should be just as exciting as this special moment. Over the past two decades, our team has perfected a unique process that’s Easy. Fun. and Fast(er) than you think, because we’ve never accepted the idea that building a new home has to be difficult.


At the 2019 Spring Parade of Homes, hosted by the HBA of Greater Grand Rapids from May 31 to June 15, Heartland Builders wants you to see first-hand how spectacular our one-of-a-kind homes are, as well as how enjoyable and smooth our building process is. Gone are the days of worrying that your home will go over budget or not finish on time — with us, your confidence and peace of mind always comes first.


Below, the happy homeowners of our Parade home, Jon and Debbie, discuss how fun it is to build a home with us.

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Making Your Life Easier With Custom Features


We know that all homeowners live differently, which means that not all features or designs work for everyone. That’s why when you build with us, you never have to settle for anyone’s choices but your own. After all, when it comes to making your home as functional and comfortable as possible, who knows better than you? Our design process is a collaboration, because we think you should have fun while bringing your dream to life.


Jon and Debbie once saw a home that integrated the laundry into the master suite by making it a part of the walk-in closet. A change from the “typical” laundry setup, this idea seemed like the best solution to them — so during our design phase, they brought along a rough sketch of what they had in mind: “They changed it… but in an amazing way to integrate it into our design and we’re just thrilled!” Jon says. “We hang up a lot of our laundry and they were able to incorporate some nice hanging space to keep everything all together.”


Incorporating Fun Customizations Into Your Home


Personalizing your home is all about bringing your dream features to life — and no matter what it is you want the most, we’ll find a way to incorporate it into your home. One of Debbie’s “forever dreams” was an attached,  screened-in porch that she could access easily from her dining room (she’s allergic to mosquitos, so this feature had both aesthetic and functional appeal). “Rich and Cindy integrated that in a beautiful way,” Debbie says. “We were out yesterday buying chairs for the porch… we’re really starting to take those final steps!”


But that’s not all  — Jon and Debbie were both set on a nice-sized pantry, particularly because their original kitchen didn’t have enough counter space to fit their needs. In our design meeting, we moved appliances and cupboards around so they could see the outcome of other designs. “It was cool to see that come together in the kitchen,” Debbie says. “The kitchen we ended up with has a lot of useful counter space and a huge pantry.”


Last but not least, our team understands that certain items are difficult to let go of. For Jon and Debbie, that was their beloved baby grand piano. Worried that it would take up too much room, they were planning to sell, but we assured them that something special in their lives should always have a special place in their home. “They found the perfect place for it,” Jon says, “and it’s something we’re really, really happy about.”


A Fun Team Makes For a Fun Time


In our Design Center, the choice is finally yours — from cabinetry and counters to flooring and tile (and everything in between!) this is when you get to style your home exactly to your liking. Of course, the thought of making around 180 decisions may seem a little overwhelming, but you can rest assured that our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to make this part of the process as exciting and easy as can be.


“Theresa was our designer and she was fabulous to work with,” Debbie says. “She was cheerful and upbeat and had opinions when we asked for them. What meant a lot to us what that she had a good sense of when to step back and let us work through some things. She guided us and ultimately made everything really fun.”


In the Design Studio, Jon had a very similar experience: “I can’t say enough about Theresa. Debbie and I spent our whole lives getting ready to build this out and we have a lot of really specific opinions. She took more time than was built into the schedule, and because of that, we made choices that we’re just thrilled about.”


Fun may not be the first word that comes to mind when you envision the homebuilding process, but at Heartland Builders, we’ve made this a reality. Whatever you’ve always dreamed of for your new home, we ensure that getting there is just as enjoyable as living there. We can’t wait to see you at this year’s Parade of Homes and discuss all of the incredible things that lie ahead for you and your new home!


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