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How a Heartland Builder Home Saves You Money

“Green living” may be standard today, but Heartland Builders was on top of this practice from the get-go. Since the beginning, we have utilized “Energy Wise Building” principles to create each and every one of our homes — because we know just how smart it is to be wise.

When your new home uses energy efficiently, you not only look after the environment, but your finances and the health of you and your family as well. Just ask our homeowners, who experience first-hand the positive effects of our 6-step green process while building your brand new home. This particular homeowner reached out via text on a Friday night, 5 years after building his home, to rave about his low gas bill!

Energy Savings Heartland


First, we situate your home in the most advantageous position relative to the sun in order to reap the benefits of natural light. This helps you save big on energy! Not to mention, our attention to value engineering also minimizes the waste of building material and optimizes labor efficiency.

Thermal Envelope

In order to save you money on heating, like this homeowner, Heartland Builders uses insulated foundations to ensure that your basement is kept warm. Essentially, a thermal envelope means wrapping a blanket around your entire home with rigid foam to reduce thermal bridging which is the transfer of heat/cold from inside your home to outside your home. (We also stop cold drafts through air sealing!)

Mechanical Systems

Because, like us, your home needs to breathe, we bring fresh air into your home through mechanical ventilation. Geothermal heating/cooling and air filtration options are available as well. Most importantly, we install the best furnace that suits your budget and home size.

Resource Efficiency

Through water-saving faucets and duo flash toilets, your home is ready to use water efficiently. As an added bonus to your electric bill, LED lighting reduces electrical usage as well.

Energy Analysis

We stop at nothing to deliver our promise of safe and healthy energy efficiency. In fact, all of our homes are tested by a third party to guarantee this incredible benefit for you and your family.

Homeowner Education

Above all else, the way that an individual homeowner lives in their Heartland Builders home has the greatest impact on the home’s energy efficiency. In order for you to make the most out of your comfortable and healthful living experience, we provide a Homeowner Orientation to get you up to speed with how your home works to help you.

Heartland Builders Exterior

Living a healthier and more sensible lifestyle is easy in a home that’s built for you. At Heartland Builders, we believe that our homeowners deserve to live their best life, so we guarantee that our comfortable and innovative living spaces are carefully created with your best interest in mind. Step inside and feel the difference!

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