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How to Find Land to Build Your Home in Grand Rapids, MI

If you’re interested in building a new home in Grand Rapids, you have two options. You can build in a community, where you are limited by both location and often home designs, or you can choose to build whatever kind of house you desire on your own land. While buying land in Grand Rapids might seem like an overwhelming task for a typical homebuyer, it can actually be a very simple, straightforward process.


As Heartland Builders, we are an on-your-lot builder in Grand Rapids and West Michigan, so we build the home you want, wherever you want. To find the best land to build your home, we recommend a few things:


1) Partner with an experienced, local REALTOR® who specializes in land acquisition


This is the easiest, most straightforward approach to finding land. A REALTOR® will know how to find land, where to look, and how to negotiate the best deal for you. If you don’t have a REALTOR®, we can recommend several professionals who our customers have successfully worked with in the past. 


The REALTORS® that we recommend are knowledgeable and understand how the on-your-lot building process works, and specifically how Heartland Builders operates to build the best house possible on your land. We always appreciate working with our REALTOR® friends! In fact, we often invite them to our meetings and events so our homebuyer prospects can ask them questions about land directly.


2) Let us evaluate your land, for free, before you make a purchase


If you’re unsure if your land is suitable for building, we will do an evaluation before you purchase it to make sure the home you want can be built there. We’ll take the time to understand:


– Topographical analysis

– Soil conditions

– Utility costs (water, sewer, gas, electric)

– Tree clearing

– Municipality requirement

– Impact on the environment & neighboring properties


If you’re interested in buying land in the Grand Rapids or West Michigan areas to build a new home, learn more about our free land evaluation or contact us to get in touch with an experienced REALTOR®.