Easy, Fun, Fast

You will enjoy building your home with us.



Choose one of our designs (that you can modify) or bring your own and we will help bring your dream to life.


If you choose one of our plans, we can show you the price of your home; including the cost of many of the most common options that will make your home uniquely YOURS!


Once we know the home plan and features you desire, we will visit your land to determine how your home will sit on the site and what the costs are to ready the site for your home.


No hassles, we stand behind our homes! During the course of our 12-month warranty we come out for three scheduled visits to take care of issues that may arise.



See it in 3D

Step right into your new home with our 3D design. Together with you, we adjust the details of your plan to reflect the look and feel you want.

Explore our Design Center

This is not only fun, it’s easy too (and fast).

Our Design Consultant will assist you with your selections – cabinetry, counters, plumbing, flooring, tile and more. Details matter, so our clients make their selections before we break ground. No surprises!

Watch your home come to life

We know that no matter the statement your home makes, it sits on a firm foundation.

We make sure that:

  • You see, touch, and understand all of the quality elements behind your walls.
  • We communicate with you each step of the way, because we’re a team.
  • We publish a detailed schedule of construction so that you know what will happen and when you can move into your home (you can count on it, because we finish on time).


From start to finish, your new home is closer than you realize. Talk to us today to see just how quickly you and your family can be living in your dream home.

Just How Fast?

Here is what you can expect over the next 9 months:

Design, selections & pricing | ~2 months

Design, selections & pricing | ~2 months

  • Architectural design – getting your plan just right and seeing it in 3D.
  • Make selections for your home (everything except paint colors) in our design center.
  • Final pricing.
Banking & permits | ~2 months

Banking & permits | ~2 months

  • We’ll send the construction contract, final plan and specifications to your bank for them to start the loan process.
  • While the bank is doing their work we are busy as well with truss and floor joist layouts, purchase orders and lining up our trades to work on your home.
  • Once you close on your loan, we will apply for permits and prepare to break ground.
Construction | ~5.5 months

Construction | ~5.5 months

  • Track the progress of your home online with our program that allows you to see the construction schedule.
  • We will check in with you weekly (at least) to provide updates.
  • Meet us formally 4 times at your home while it is under construction to review progress and check in.
  • Plan for moving because we will tell you the date months before moving day.
  • Celebrate with us as we hand over your beautiful new home.
Warranty Program

Warranty Program

We will still be with you for the next year (and beyond) during our formal warranty program – we are committed to your home and you!

Ready to Get Started? Cindy Can Help!

Not sure if building is right for you? Not sure where to get started? Have a question? Need some advice about building?

We’re here to help!

Getting started means taking that next step, whatever that means for you.