Energy-Wise Construction

Saving the environment one home at a time

energy matters

At Heartland Builders, we have been incorporating Energy Wise Building principles into our homes long before “green” was cool. We love Energy Wise building!

We follow this 6-step green process in every home we build.

1. Design

Your home’s placement on the site relative to the sun helps add the benefits of natural light and saves on energy.

Value engineering minimizes building material waste and maximizes labor efficiency.

2. Thermal Envelope

Insulated foundations ensure warm basements and save on heating. A thermal envelope is simply minimizing thermal bridging by wrapping a blanket around your home (ICF, SIPS Panels, Rigid Foam).

Insulation is not just about R-Value. We air seal your home to stop cold drafts.

3. Mechanical Systems

We will find and install the best furnace for your budget.

Build tight, ventilate right: your home needs to breathe, so we use mechanical ventilation to bring fresh air into your home and offer geothermal heating/cooling and air filtration options.

4. Resource Efficiency

We help you efficiently use resources with water efficiency through water saving faucets and duo flush toilets as well as reduced electrical usage through LED lighting.

5. Energy Analysis

All of our homes are tested by a third party to ensure energy efficiency.

6. Homeowner Education

A homeowner and how they live in their home has the greatest impact on a home’s energy efficiency.

Our Homeowner Orientation will help you understand how your home works and how to use it efficiently.


There are different shades of green. Some clients want more and some less, so we provide clients with an energy efficient home that meets their own shade of green.

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