Building the best possible home

We don’t wake up everyday with the goal of building the cheapest house. We wake up every day with the goal of building the best home our client can afford.

We’re different! We just are. We evaluate cost and value in the construction of our homes. That leads us to provide some unique benefits in our homes that many other builders overlook.

Here’s what we do and why:

Insulated Foundation

You can’t have an energy efficient home unless you have an Insulated Foundation. And, that’s not just any old insulation on the walls. We use rigid foam to make sure your basement feels like it’s the lower level, a warm part of your home. This is not your parent’s basement!

Exterior Walls

We don’t just use OSB and house wrap for our exterior walls. We use OSB and 1” of Rigid Foam on our exterior walls to stop thermal bridging. What’s thermal bridging you ask? It’s the transfer of heat through the studs (wood) of your home. We use rigid foam to stop the transfer in order to minimize your utility bills and provide you with a comfortable, well-insulated home.

Air sealing our homes

If you are going to pay to heat or cool the air in your home, let’s keep it in your home and not let it escape through holes in the walls, the ceiling, the doors or windows. We use a lot of caulk and foam in your walls and attic to help us. Just look at the pretty pictures. We like insulation!

Fresh Air

Your home needs fresh air and you do, too! We use an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) in order to bring fresh air into your home. Many other builders just use a bath fan that runs continuously. You can’t turn it off. The ERV conditions and filters the air, and does not run 24/7/365 like a builder grade bath fan does. Fresh air rocks!

Third Party Verification

We hire a Third Party Testing service to evaluate our homes during construction. They conduct a Pre-Drywall Inspection after the insulation is installed. Then, at the end of construction they perform a Blower Door Test to evaluate how “tight” your home is built. We do this on every home, because we care about the details.

You see, we don’t have a different quality for one home vs. the quality of another home. The prices of our client’s homes don’t impact quality. We build our homes the same way, no matter the budget. We want you to be proud of your home; both it’s beauty and how well it’s built.