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Introducing: Homeowner Referral Program! | Blog

This summer, tell it from the heart! As a thank you for being a Heartland homeowner, we’re now offering a referral program that’s a win-win for you and the people you love. If you refer a friend or family member and they build with us, you’ll both be rewarded $500 cash for you, $500 in design center choices for them!


Here’s how it works: 


  1. Send us an email, copying the person you’re referring, to make the introduction.


  1. If they end up building a Heartland home, the email serves as proof that both of you honored the program.*


  1. Your check will be on its way and they will enjoy the extra design choices for their dream home! 


It’s as easy as that! The only thing better than moving into a brand new Heartland home is watching your close friend or family member experience the magic too. If you love the wide open space, high-end features, and 24/7 comfort of your brand new living space, this summer is the perfect time to tell it from the heart! 


For more information about our referral program, contact Cindy at cindy@heartlandbuilders.com or 610-205-5430. 


*Offer subject to change without notice. Incentive expires one year from the date of the initial email.