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Now is the Perfect Time to Buy | Blog

“I want more outdoor space to relax.”

“I need more room to work from home.”

“I wish I had extra room for a guest suite or at-home gym.”


Have you had any of these thoughts in the past months, the past year… or the past few years? If so, you’re finally in the right place at the right time. At Heartland Builders, we do “dream home” a little bit differently than others do. Say one of our floor plans catches your eye, but it doesn’t quite fulfill that certain something. That’s okay! We’ll modify it to your liking — because there’s no place like (your) home. 


Your New Home Wishlist


Our team knows that floor plans aren’t “one size fits all.” That’s why we ensure that every one of our distinct homes can be altered to suit you and your family’s needs, no matter what they may be. For example, if you love to workout or practice a hobby, or are even looking for a designated playroom for your children, we can find space in a flex room on the main floor or the lower level for the flexibility you deserve.


Heartland Home Features


Are you eager to cook with brand new appliances in a wide-open kitchen? How about enjoy reading under the sun and dinner al fresco in a private outdoor space? Every Heartland home is expertly built and designed to be synonymous with happiness with open space and features that ensure your moments at home are the moments you look forward to the most. 


From a modern open-concept living area, where you can enjoy the company of others without walls in the way, to an owner’s suite that gives you the space you love and the comfort you want, every inch of a Heartland home is designed with you in mind.


Browse our diverse floor plans by price range, square footage, number of bedrooms, home type, and owner’s suite location, and begin to envision the exact space you want to spend your days in.


No Time Like Now


We believe that your home is your base, your sanctuary, and your greatest source of comfort. It’s where you feel completely whole, no matter what the world looks like outside. That’s why your wants and needs — from more space to more options — should never have to take a backseat. 


With current interest rates at a historic low, you have even more of a reason to buy a new home right now. 

If you’re ready for more space, more comfort, more everything, all of us at Heartland Builders can’t wait to get started! We look forward to showing you how a brand new home, designed with all of the open space you need, will make your life extraordinary.