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Our 6-Step Green Building Process

At Heartland Builders, we’ve been building “green” long before it was ever cool. Energy efficient construction just makes more sense — for the environment and for you, the homeowner. Energy Wise Building principles are so ingrained in our core building philosophy that we never stop looking for ways to reduce our homes’ carbon footprints — both through the construction process and in the products and systems we use. An energy efficient home also happens to be a more comfortable and longer-lasting one!

As part of our commitment to energy efficiency, we follow a 6-step green process with every home we build!


Energy Efficient Homes in West Michigan


1) Design

Did you know that natural sunlight can save you money on both your light and heating bills? Especially in colder climates like western Michigan, the more sunlight in a home, the better. That’s why we try to always place the home relative to the sun to maximize exposure. We will evaluate your lot and its location relative to the sun to determine how we can get the most natural light possible in your home. This may include adding windows or thinking about room placement.

2) Thermal Envelope

When it’s cold outside, your home deserves a warm blanket, too! In fact, a good thermal envelope is the best way to keep your home warm in the winters, as opposed to turning up the heat and running up the energy bill. We achieve this by making sure we have a thermal barrier on all exterior walls keeping that cold air out and the warm air in. We also air seal your home to make sure that no air around windows, doors, etc. can creep into your home. We stop those air leaks in their tracks!

3) Mechanical Systems

No matter your budget, your home’s furnace should be top quality and energy efficient — we never compromise on that. Whether you are using natural gas, propane, electric or geo-thermal for your furnace, it will be efficient. We build your home so tight that we need mechanical ventilation to make sure your home always has fresh air. The result is fresh, clean indoor air that you can rely on.

4) Resource Efficiency

We’re all about using less when we can -— and in a new Heartland home that means value engineering your home to maximize construction materials and minimize waste. It also means less water and less electricity, without compromising comfort. With water saving faucets, duo flush toilets, and LED lighting for reduced electrical usage, you’ll find that you can do so much more with less!

5) Energy Analysis

Energy efficiency is important to us so we hire a third party to inspect our homes two times during the construction process. The first time is before drywall to check the quality of the installation. The second time is just before you move in to perform a blower door test to check the air tightness of your home. You will know this by how low your energy bills will be and feel it by the comfort of your home.

6) Homeowner Education

A home is made up of parts and systems that can reduce energy consumption, but ultimately, how you use your home has the biggest impact on its efficiency. In our Homeowner Orientation we’ll walk you through every square foot of your home — inside and out — so that you understand how all the components work together to create the most wonderful (and energy efficient) home you’ll ever live in!