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Our Unique Design Experience | Blog

At Heartland Builders, we aren’t just experts in all things home, we’re experts in what’s most important to you. We know that when you’re looking for the right team to trust with your home, you want a group of building professionals that not only has top-tier talent and knowledge but the compassion for others that you deserve.


Our extensive experience and streamlined processes ensure that your home building journey will be enjoyable from beginning to end. Who says this time has to be worrisome and stressful? With us, you’ll be more than confident in each step — take a look at a few of the ways we guarantee a smooth road to move-in day! 


3D Design


It’s typical for builders to show you blueprints of your home before it’s built, but at Heartland Builders, we always believed that this wasn’t good enough. After all, how are you expected to know what all of those little lines mean? Instead of following the status quo, we decided to introduce 3D design into our fun and unique process.


With our 3D designs of your home, you get to experience sight lines, traffic patterns, and the natural flow of the design that are difficult to experience in 2D. Getting a good feel for your home before it’s built ensures fewer changes during construction (and fewer costs)! Best of all, as your design evolves in real-time during our interactive design session, you can make decisions relating to design, space planning, and product selections.


Easy. Fun. Fast.


From the moment we meet to the moment you move into your brand new home, you can be sure that our team has your back no matter what. Think of us as your “team next door” — we’re always here to support you in the home building process. Since the very beginning, we’ve wanted our process to be Easy. Fun. Fast(er than you think), and we’re more than happy to make that a reality.


From choosing the design that suits your preferences to making selections in our design center to tracking the progress of your home online, every “milestone” in your home building journey will be more enjoyable than you ever imagined. And best of all? It all goes by in the blink of an eye… trust us, you’ll be toasting with champagne in your brand new living room in no time at all.


At Heartland Builders, we pride ourselves on doing things a little differently. In fact, we believe that’s what has made all the difference. With our team, you can rest assured that you’re working with a group of people who is just as invested in your home as you are — because home truly is the most special place in the world. All of us at Heartland Builders can’t wait to meet you! For more information, please call 616-205-5430.