Jen Clements

What I really do:  Design, ideas, inspiration, encourage creativity and empower.

Favorite Industry Read: Design blogs and design magazines usually but I am especially excited about a recent vintage store find: 1956 copy of Better Homes & Gardens Decorating Book. I am slowly enjoying reading each page.

Loves:  Family, my two fur babies, travel, vintage, and beautiful things.

Top of Bucket List: I’ve been fortunate to cross off my first and second top of the list already, but Australia and Ireland are probably next. Malta, South Africa, and Bolivia all look great too! All in due time.

Ask me about:  Goodness…. maybe don’t ask me about my husband, my travels or for the love of Pete, my dogs!  It could be a long story with any of these.

Greatest Achievement:  Getting to where I am today, in my life, with all of the steps and relationships that helped me along the way.