Rich Kogelschatz

What I really do:  Share my passion for home building with prospects and clients.  I help with site evaluations, architectural design, manage the pre-construction process (building a home is 75% planning and 25% construction), and quality control during the construction process.

Favorite Industry Read:   Bob Whitten Weekly Management Reports, 25 Lessons Learned by Scott Sedam, and Building a Great Business by Ari Weinzweig (Zingeman’s Deli).

Loves:   Family (and traveling with our kids), home building, good food, camping, and the Leelanau Peninsula.

Top of Bucket List:  Hike Machu Pichu in Peru, Buy an RV and travel the country, go to Africa again on another safari (I watch way too many safari videos…I need an intervention).

Ask me about:  Don’t ask!  It could take a while.  How Cindy and I got started in home building, my kids, my travels, exercise/working out. Oh boy, here he goes!!!!

Greatest Achievement: From a personal standpoint, Cindy and I started dating when she was 14, and she will tell you that I am still a work in progress. Professionally, I am most proud of my commitment to my industry. I was President of the HBA of Greater Grand Rapids in 2009 and 2010; two of the toughest years in our industry. I was a senior officer of the HBA of Michigan for five years, serving as President in 2014. Since then, I have served on the Board of Directors of two non-profit housing organizations, which provide housing and support services to a wide range of residents. Cindy and I have also served as Mentors to students at the Grand Rapids Public Schools Academy of Design and Construction. I very much believe that you have to support the industry that supports you, and you have to support the community that supports you. I am lucky to be a builder!