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Parade of Homes 2020 Part 2: Fun | Blog

From the kitchen where you’ll enjoy holidays, birthdays, and weeknight meals, to the living room where you’ll recount stories with friends and toast to new adventures, the unique features in the rooms of your home play a role in the best moments of your life. That’s why at Heartland Builders, we allow you to choose your flooring, siding, and everything in between — because nothing says dream home better than your personality and style.


With our next Parade of Homes event coming up in July (shhh.. our grand secret is being revealed soon!), we wanted to reintroduce you to recent Heartland homeowners, Lindsey and Josh, who talked about how easy it was to build a home with us. This week, we’re giving you another behind-the-scenes look into their process, and how much fun they had customizing their beautiful new home! 


Of all the customizations you made to your home, which one was the most fun and/or special to incorporate and why?


It was fun picking out the lighting because that was something we could make our own. We went to the lighting store in Grand Rapids and it was really cool because it felt like it was all coming together after that. We picked specific pieces that made the house more special to us. Lights make such a difference! We also had fun choosing the cable railing; I was excited to be able to pick that railing out!  I love the cable rail look and it’s a central part of our living space.



Which part of the process was the most fun and why?


Being able to visit the house and the site every time we visited it was something new, which was fun and exciting. When we came to the house and the windows were put in, it took my breath away. it was so beautiful and I just said, “wow, this is actually happening!” We brought our dog so he could explore. We also took pictures to send to friends and family… seeing it come together was awesome.



What was it like working with Rich, Cindy, and the team?


Rich and Cindy are amazing. Part of the reason we chose Heartland was because we felt this connection with them. They were family, they really cared. Not some manufacturer who makes you feel like you’re just a client. We really felt like we mattered. They were happy and fun and wanted to give us what we wanted because it was our dream home. They put up with our requests and questions, and everyone was so helpful.


How did you bring your personality into your home?


Being able to make our space contemporary let us do that. We like to have clean lines, and everything nice, easy, and simple. That’s our personality. You walk in and you can see that.



When you trust Heartland Builders with your home — your greatest source of comfort — you can be sure that we have your back the entire way. We guarantee that customizing your brand new home is as fun as possible, because you deserve a process that’s easy, fun, and faster than you think. For more information about our beautiful homes in Grand Rapids, you can contact us at 616-205-5430.


Plus, don’t forget to stay tuned for our grand home reveal on July 6, as well as the game we’re challenging you to play (for a prize)!