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Parade of Homes 2020 Part 3: Fast | Blog

When you’re ready to experience the difference of a home that provides wide-open space, customized features and finishes, and the comfort and security you deserve, nothing should stand in your way especially not a drawn-out building process. At Heartland Builders, our team of experts has perfected every step of the process to ensure that your one-of-a-kind home is ready for you in the least amount of time possible.


Our next Parade of Homes event coming up in July (our grand home is being revealed soon!). We’re excited to share more insight from recent Heartland homeowners, Lindsey and Josh, about how quick and efficient their building process was. In their own words, here’s what they loved about their experience:


From start to finish, how many months did it take to complete your dream home?

It took 5 months. We started the process in July and moved into our home in December. We wanted to have a New Year’s Eve party in our brand new home and we did! Everyone we loved was over here! 


Which part of the process went much quicker than you expected?

In my opinion, the building process, from breaking ground to when it was finished. People run into delays and problems when they don’t have their selections done first, so having that done really sped everything up and kept us on schedule. 


What surprised you most about the journey from start to finish?

How quickly it went!


Would you recommend Heartland Builders to someone looking to build on their own lot?

FOR SURE IN A HEARTBEAT. I tell anybody and everybody how great Heartland was to work with!


How would you describe the entire process?

Our dream come true. This is the house we’ve always wanted; we were able to make it happen, and we feel very blessed. 


Cindy: “They were such awesome clients. They made it so easy and wonderful. We’re so happy we can showcase their home!” 


When you trust Heartland Builders with your home — your greatest source of comfort — you can be sure that we have your back the entire way. We guarantee that the process of building your brand new home happens as efficiently and quickly as possible, because you deserve a process that’s easy, fun, and faster than you think. For more information about our beautiful homes in Grand Rapids, you can contact us at 616-205-5430.


Plus, don’t forget to stay tuned for our grand home reveal on July 6, as well as the game we’re challenging you to play (for a prize)!