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Parade of Homes — Part 1: The Process

The 2018 Spring HBA Parade of Homes is right around the corner, and we can’t wait for you to experience our newest home. From May 25 – June 9, you’ll have the chance to walk through this beautiful hilltop modern farmhouse with lots of rustic charm.

We recently sat down with cups of coffee and our homeowners Ross and Kassie to discuss their journey with Heartland Builders. Check out how we redefined the typical building process by making it easy, fun, and fast(er than you think)!

What did you think about the planning and design process?

The planning and design process was smooth! One of the biggest reasons we chose Heartland is because of how organized they are.

Their 3D modeling was very helpful, and we loved that we could be on the online portal* at home, working and thinking through options. We also liked how we could always see the schedule for our home in the portal as well. That way we knew what was happening in our home even if we couldn’t personally go back and check it out.

*The online portal is a customer-based software that allows customers to review construction costs, manage change orders, view progress photos, and keep in touch with the Heartland Builders team!

Did anything surprise you in terms of what you expected vs. what has happened?

There were no surprises – everything was straightforward. The online portal really helped us to avoid any unwanted surprises and make selections before we broke ground. It also helped us see the cost changes for our home based on the selections, and then change them again to get the budget exactly where we wanted it.

What was the easiest part of the building process?

The easiest part of the building process was having Heartland take our floor plan idea and put it into the 3D model. Once they got the layout set, taking it from 2D to 3D was pretty smooth! Also having them put the exterior on our floor plan and seeing it in 3D was pretty magical!

What was the most fun part of the building process?

The most fun part of the process was definitely seeing the progress made every week. It was awesome to consistently see what was new. We also enjoyed the selections process and working with Lisa.

What was the fastest part of the building process?

The home stretch of construction, when everything came together, was definitely the fastest part of the process. It’s fun to see so much progress so quickly.

What do you want people who are walking through during the Parade of Homes to know about your home or the process of working with Heartland Builders?

We definitely want people to know that Heartland was great to work with. They were quick to respond if we wanted to change anything at all during the process. We particularly wanted to feel a “vacation vibe” within our home, and Heartland worked with us to make that happen.

A bedroom set up with a floating wall and open bathroom was something that we knew we wanted, and Heartland truly brought this luxurious hotel look to life. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

From May 25 – June 9, you’ll see for yourself how a smooth and organized building process leads to the absolute best results. We can’t wait to see you at the Parade of Homes! Visit here for more details and to purchase tickets.

Heartland Builders is a custom home builder located in Grand Rapids, MI. For more information on our homes, please visit www.heartlandbuilders.com, or call 616-205-5430.