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Parade of Homes — Part 2: The Floor Plan

The 2018 Spring HBA Parade of Homes is right around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited! From May 25 – June 9, you’ll have the chance to walk through and experience this gorgeous and comfortable custom home.

We recently sat down with homeowners Ross and Kassie to discuss their journey building with Heartland Builders, and how they came up with their personalized floor plan. Check out the unique addition that Ross and Kassie knew they had to have in their home, and how we made this process easier than they ever could’ve imagined!

How did you choose this floor plan and why?

We started with the idea of an “open concept” in the middle of the home and the owners suite on the main floor, and essentially planned everything else around those features. We bought an app for $10 and began to draw things out. From there, we took our drawings to Heartland who put them into their 3D softwareand helped us refine it with their input and expertise.

3D Photo

Actual Photo

What were your goals for your home?

Most importantly, we wanted our home to feel open and inviting. We want our friends and family to be together in one space. We incorporated Universal Design features so we can grow older in our home without having accessibility issues. We are also planning to potentially have both sets of our parents live with us at some point, so a wide, open space was crucial.

What lifestyle features were important to you when considering design elements?

When considering design elements, zero step and an open plan were definitely the features that we valued most.

Zero Step Entry

What are your plans for your basement?

We hope to have our basement finished this summer! Our plan includes 3 bedrooms, 1 of which will be a music and craft room, complete with a piano and recording equipment, as well as scrapbooking materials. Most importantly, we want a nice space where our family can relax and hang out.

When it comes to designing your floor plan, your unique needs, desires, and goals are most important to us. From May 25 – June 9, you’ll see for yourself how Heartland Builders brings dream designs to life! We can’t wait to see you at the Parade of Homes! Click here for more details about attending.

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