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7 Reasons to Build a New Home in Grand Rapids, MI

With its strong economy, low cost of living, eclectic art and culture scene, and abundance of fun activities around town, it’s no wonder that so many people are moving to Grand Rapids, MI. Here we’ll highlight some of the best things to do in the area, and why owning a new home can only increase the great quality of life. Let’s explore!


is grand rapids a good place to live


Benefits of Living in Grand Rapids


Let’s start with a little third-party validation, shall we? U.S. News & World Report ranked Grand Rapids #23 in its 150 Best Places to Live in the U.S. in 2020-2021. That means not only will you enjoy a high-quality, day-to-day life in an interesting city, you can afford it, too!


Strong Economy


Grand Rapids boasts a strong job market and lower unemployment rate than the national average. Top industries include education, manufacturing, health care, and increasingly, leisure and hospitality. In fact, by 2019, job growth in Grand Rapids was outpacing the rest of the state and is currently projected to increase by 35 percent over the next 10 years. The cost of housing is also lower here than elsewhere in the country, which means that your dollar will stretch further when you build a new home


Lively Art & Culture


Though not quite Art Basel, Grand Rapids has paved the way for a flourishing and dynamic art scene. From public installations by local artists across town, to the world-renowned Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, there is beauty and inspiration at every turn. There are countless museums, theaters, and art galleries to explore, and every summer the city produces the community-focused Festival of the Arts. With deeply ingrained Native American traditions, there is always something fascinating to learn, experience, and be delighted by in Grand Rapids. 


Booming Craft Brew & Cuisine


Grand Rapids is home to more than 80 breweries ranging from experimental to long-time local favorites. Many brew houses combine live music and specialty cuisine for a fun, relaxed scene that’s hard to duplicate anywhere else. Tour the facilities and enjoy tastings at numerous stops along the Beer City Ale Trail. Living up to its title as “Beer City USA,” Grand Rapids is a popular vacation destination for craft connoisseurs from around the world.


Outdoor Beauty


Situated on the Grand River and located just 30 miles east of Lake Michigan, Grand Rapids is surrounded by natural beauty and offers plenty of ways to enjoy the great outdoors. The summertime beach scene at Lake Michigan is always popular with hundreds of miles of clean, wide shoreline, perfect summer temperatures that top out in the upper 80s, and charming coastal towns that dot the region – the lake makes for unforgettable weekend getaways. 


There are also plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation within the city. Grab your fishing pole and life vest for an afternoon of fishing, boating, or paddling on the river. Or when you feel like getting a workout in, hundreds of miles of trails offer ample distance for mountain biking, walking, or running.


In the winter months, buckle up those ski boots or lace up your snowshoes for a day of exhilarating fun on freshly-fallen snow just minutes from downtown.


benefits of a new home in grand rapids


Benefits of Building a New Custom Home in Grand Rapids


Now that we’ve established that Grand Rapids is a great place to live, you’ll need a great home to live in! Building a new home can be more affordable than you think, and will definitely save you money in the long-term, plus you get a welcoming space that’s completely in tune with the way you live. 


Design the Perfect Home For You


When you build a new home, you get the rare opportunity to design a home for you and your family’s unique lifestyle. Not only can you plan the layout, you can also select all the features and finishes that will make your home one-of-a-kind. Like a hand in glove, your home will be perfectly suited to you. 


Enjoy Energy Efficiency


Winter in Grand Rapids is beautiful, but let’s be honest – we don’t want it in our homes. When you build new on your land, your home can be placed relative to the sun to take advantage of natural light and warmth in the winters. An insulated foundation and thermal envelope (like a big blanket for your house) will keep your home warm top to bottom and your energy costs low. 


All year long, mechanical ventilation and air filtration options provide fresh air flow, providing a healthy, comfortable environment for you and your family. And of course, all appliances will be energy efficient and made with the latest technology to keep your home (and life) running smoothly.


To see all the ways Heartland Builders creates energy-efficient homes in Michigan, read about our Energy Wise Building principles.


Save on Home Maintenance


Though used homes may appear to be cheaper in the short-term, they can be a drain on your wallet when it comes to repairs and maintenance. When you build a new home, every system, appliance, pipe and wire is also new, and when it comes with a formal warranty program, you can rest assured that your home will function smoothly and efficiently.


Grand Rapids is undeniably a special place to live. And when you build a new custom home here, coming home is just as exciting as going out. 

For more information about Heartland Builders and our beautiful new construction homes in the Grand Rapids area, contact us at 616-205-5430. We can’t wait to show you how building a new home can be easy, fun, and fast(er than you think)!