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Team Member Spotlight: Meet Becky Wiseman

At Heartland Builders, we are a homebuilding family in every sense. We believe that building your dream home is one of the most incredible experiences of your life, and we’re honored to be a part of it! That’s why we wanted you to meet the dedicated people who are making it happen, every day. This month, we’re excited to throw the spotlight on our fabulous bookkeeper, Becky Wiseman!


What do you love most about working for Heartland Builders? 


The people!


Where did you grow up? Tell us about your family!


I grew up in Beal City, MI: population three (maybe just a few more than that, but not much). Currently, my husband and I live in Ada, MI and have four kids ranging in age from 12-18. They keep us moving!


How do you spend your free time? What do you do to relax?


Depends on the day, but I mostly Uber the kids around and host Tiki parties. Relaxation… what’s that? 😂


What do you wish other people knew about Heartland Builders?


The people who work here are exactly as they seem; there’s nothing fake about them. Everyone has the client’s best interest at heart, and it reflects in their quality of work.


What would someone be surprised to know about you?


I secretly love to watch historical British dramas when no one is around. 🕵️


Tell us about someone you admire.


My dad. He worked his entire career at one company and was promoted to a vice president position without a college degree and just pure, honest-to-goodness, hard work!


What inspires you and your work?


The satisfaction of being a good steward of our client’s money. I love seeing their finished homes and being a small part of building their dream!