Meet the team who makes it all possible!

Rich Kogelschatz

What I really do:  Share my passion for home building with prospects and clients.  Help with site evaluation and sales.  Ensure that our pre-construction process and construction process are on schedule.  Site visits.  Client relations.  Professional warranty service.  Oh, and I also do whatever Cindy tells me to do!

Favorite Industry Read:   Bob Whitten Weekly management articles; and 25 Lessons Learned by Scott Sedam, Contributing Editor, Professional Builder.

Loves:   Family (and traveling with our kids), Truck, and my Heartland Builders family.

Top of Bucket List:  Hike Machu Pichu (Peru), Buy an RV and travel the country.

Ask me about:  Don’t ask!  It could take a while.  My kids, my travels, how we got started building homes.  Oh boy, here he goes!!!!

Greatest Achievement:  From an industry standpoint, being President of the HBA of GR in 2009 and 2010.  Those were troubled times in our industry and state and I was proud to serve my fellow builders.  Secondly, simply surviving those times as a builder and thriving thereafter.

Cindy Kogelschatz

What I really do:  Initial sales, accounting/finance, office management, IT, marketing, sleep.

Favorite Industry Read:  Zingerman’s Guide to Giving Great Service by Ari Weinzweig.

Loves:  Family, travel, any self or home improvement reality TV shows, reading and working out.

Top of Bucket List:  Travel to all 50 states in the United States.

Ask me about: The worst white-water rafting experience ever.

Greatest Achievement:  Raising 3 talented, wonderful children.

Theresa Brade

What I really do:  Provide interior design consultation to ensure functional spaces and beautifully appointed interiors for our client’s homes.  My role is one of the “fun” parts of the homebuilding process with Heartland Builders.

Favorite Industry Read:  Houzz, Elle Décor, Michigan Home and Lifestyle, House and Garden, Coastal Living, Colorado Homes, Interior Design, Architectural Digest, Dwell, Country Living, Metropolitan Home, Cosmopolitan Home, Design Milk…

Loves:  Any and all aspects of interior design and architecture; walking the walk and talking the talk as a designer! Turquoise, rural and urban experiences, being a foodie and a pretty darn good cook, live music events, art galleries, sauerkraut, snickerdoodles and continuous learning. Yes, I definitely love turquoise!

Top of Bucket List:  Turquoise mining in Arizona or New Mexico, visit England’s Lake District, drive a combine once during harvest season, visit the Saab museum in the USA or Sweden.

Ask me about:  My recipe for “craft” Kombucha.

Greatest Achievement:  My incredible children! And professionally, having a wide and deep net of design related experiences that continuously enrich my design-based mindset.

Bob Moritz

What I really do: Find opportunities for efficiency and apply it to the Heartland Builders process.

Favorite Industry Read: Journal of Light Construction.

Loves: Canoeing, coaching wrestling, woodworking, and cooking.

Top of Bucket List: Expedition canoe the Grand Canyon.

Ask me about: My mac and cheese recipe.

Greatest Achievement: Making a positive difference in the lives of the high school wrestlers I coach.

Steve VanVliet

What I really do: Estimating and some project management.

Favorite Industry Read:  any information about new trends and ideas.

Loves:  Spending time with my family.

Top of Bucket List: Build our last home. Take my family and parents back to the Netherlands to show my family where my parents grew up and see how things have changed.

Ask me about: Building and the building process.

Greatest Achievement: Owning my own company.

Ethen Weaver

What I really do: I manage our one year warranty process. I also assist coworkers with whatever needs to get done which might include delivering materials, assisting with marketing as well as pushing the occasional broom.

Favorite Industry Read: Building an Affordable House by Fernando Pages Ruiz and Fine Home Building Magazine.

Loves: Golf, motorcycles, guns and homes.

Top of Bucket List: Take a motorcycle trip along the Dalton Highway to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

Ask me about: Skeet shooting, my motorcycle, my golf game or snowshoeing.

Greatest Achievement: Working for Heartland Builders, LLC.

Nate Palmer

What I really do: I take our clients dreams and turn them into a reality.

Favorite Industry Read: This Old House and video blogs on unique construction ideas.

Loves: Helping others, my wife and family.

Top of Bucket List: Road trip across America and travel through Europe.

Ask me about: Chicago and outdoor activities.

Greatest Achievement: Starting and operating a home remodeling company at the age of 22.