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The Basics of Tear-Downs

Sometimes, you have to tear something down in order to create something better. And if you own a piece of land that has an existing home that doesn’t or is unable to meet your needs, it’s worth discussing the benefits of a “tear-down”. 

Heartland Builders offers Tear Down Services! We’ll help you determine what a new home could look like, cost on your land, and help you with design and coordinating it all. Then, we’ll build the ideal home for your location by tearing down what’s already there! 

Here’s how it works: 

Interpreting dreams 101. 

In order to make your dreams a reality, we strive to grasp your vision. We discuss what you need, what’s on your wish list, and how we can make your dream a reality. We will take you on a tour of our Design Center, talk about what is included in the price of our homes, and browse the plans on our website. We’ll try to find something that is “close enough” to what you want so we can provide you with a fast and efficient price while considering your site improvement costs and personal choices. Of course, we can also build from your plan or custom design a home just for you.

Adding a whole new dimension.

We let you see your new home in 3D, including how it sits on your land. Our approach to Architectural Design is very interactive. You sit with us as we make modifications in 3D. You see it in real-time. We also dig deep into the analysis of your site: permitting, utilities, topography, and such. Once we are done with this part of the process, we re-price your home to ensure we are on track with your budget. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine seeing your home on your land in 3D before it is even built.

Respecting the process. 

Deciding to tear down an existing structure is a big deal. Depending on the location or history of the home, the process may need a bit of finessing. Before we start, we give your neighbors a heads-up, letting them know what’s happening. We also have a healthy respect for keeping building materials out of the landfill, so we repurpose any reusable materials. 

Getting it done.

Let’s start the discussion! Call us at 616-202-3583  and we’ll be happy to help.