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The Power of Green

Whether it’s a reaction to months of being penned up indoors or the increased emphasis on being environmentally friendly, the color green is having a design moment. Humans have an innate need for the great outdoors; fresh air and green plants simply make us feel good. And in our overwhelmingly digital worlds, our need to reconnect with nature — or even just colors that remind us of nature — is not surprising. 


Green Home Decor


Biophilic Design 

Whether we know it or not, humans are drawn to what’s known as biophilic design, a way of increasing our connectivity to nature through various design conditions, such as live plants, increased natural light, water features, use of natural materials, eco-friendly construction, and colors and shapes found in nature. (Although its name was coined in recent history, indicators of biophilic design have been seen in architecture from as far back as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.) 

The Power of Green

In color theory, green is powerful. It is the color of life, associated with nature and the environment. It is thought to have calming abilities as it is the most restful and relaxing color to look at. It may also bring a sense of health and harmony or suggest stability and endurance. With all this strength behind it, it’s no wonder that we want more green in our homes. 


It’s also no surprise that interior designers are seeing clients who want to add more green to their color palettes. From pistachio green used as an accent color to sage green upholstery and forest green cabinetry, the need for green is growing! 

How to “go green” without overdoing it

Consider your light situation. Some greens reflect light, while others absorb it. Before choosing a hue, think about how much light (natural or artificial) a room gets. 


Soft, neutral shades of green are soothing choices for wall or furniture colors. They can be calming and comforting, and play well with other “natural” hues such as browns and blues. 


Darker, more vibrant greens are a great way to add a pop of color — perhaps an accent wall or a powder room vanity, if you’re wary of it being too much. Try an island or tile backsplash in the kitchen if you want a bolder statement. (Our in-house designer, Jen, recommends an elongated brick or the 4×4 square in terms of shape and size.) 


Whether you choose a fresh mint hue or a lush mossy shade, just remember that green is a powerful color. Use it wisely!