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Universal Design Makes Living Easy & Smart

At Heartland Builders, we believe your home should always have your back. This means that it provides both comfort and support at every stage of your life, no matter the circumstances. Universal Design means life in your new home is easier and smarter, from the day you move in to the day you move out (hopefully never!) Because our team wants nothing more than to make your days extraordinary, we utilize Universal Design in all of our homes — and that’s what makes all the difference.

When it comes to your lifestyle, we’re on the same page that you are, and we make sure that your home is too. From easy access to open layouts, we create your home to fit your individual needs, so that there are no obstacles in the way of living your best life. Take a look at how our universal design features can change your life:

Zero-Step Entry

Family and guests are always welcome in your home, but extra steps certainly aren’t. We ensure that your home is as easy to access as possible, no matter how short term or long term the situation or circumstance. Stroll right into your new home without waking a sleeping baby in their stroller. For your family or friends who were unlucky enough to break a leg or limb, it’s their lucky day in your new home! They can enter any room without worry. From your front door to your garage door to your shower, your new home keeps you one step ahead.

Wider Doors, Hallways, and Stairs

Your home should feel spacious and open, and be completely free of barriers. Wider doors, hallways, and stairs make every room feel larger. Don’t touch those door hinges! With Universal Design, you can move large furniture or appliances without any extra prep work. Without tight spaces, everyone and everything can move around comfortably.

Clear Floor Space

There’s nothing as freeing as wide open floor space in your home. This is why we guarantee that the busiest spaces in your home, from your kitchen to your laundry area to your closets, come with 54” to 60” of space. This way, you and your family and guests can always feel free to move about.

Finish Options for Barrier-Free Living

When it comes to accessibility in your home, we’ll cover whatever you need, down to the last detail. Between durable floor surfaces, rocker style light switches, slightly raised electrical outlets, grab bars, and shower faucets with personal slide bars, your home is built just for you.

From top to bottom, every inch of a brand new Heartland Builders home in beautiful Grand Rapids is designed with efficiency and lifestyle in mind. When you wake up in a home that provides endless comfort and support while removing any barriers, each morning is a breath of fresh air. To learn more about our Universal Design, please visit our website or give us a call at 616-205-5430. We can’t wait to help you settle comfortably into your home!