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Universal Design

Homes Designed for Everyone.

Your home should be pretty. Your home should be well built. Everyone knows that! Yet not everyone realizes that your home should support you, your family and guests at every age and stage of life. Together with you, we design homes to do just that.

Zero Step Entry

Our homes are designed without unnecessary steps that could be difficult for some.

This will ensure that guests can access your home much easier.

  • Front door entrance
  • Garage door entrances
  • Showers
Wider Doors, Hallways, & Stairs

In the past, homes were designed without accessibility in mind, and were much tighter. We strive to create homes that everyone can access and coexist in comfortably.

  • 36” exterior doors
  • 32” – 36” interior doors
  • 42” – 48” stairways
Clear Floor Space

Open space is beautiful in a home, but it serves a dual purpose. By leaving more clear floor space, you and your guests can move more freely throughout your home.

  • 54” to 60” of space in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry area, closets
Finish options for barrier-free living

There are many ways that we can make your home more accessible. Whatever you may need, we can do it for you.

  • Durable floor surfaces
  • Rocker style light switches
  • Slightly raised electrical outlets provide easy access
  • Grab bar backing around toilets and showers
  • Shower faucets with personal slide bars
What’s right for you?

There are many elements of Universal Design. Not every client, nor every home, requires the same features.

We perform a thorough needs analysis and together design a home that suits your needs.