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We’re Proud to Be Your Builder of the Year! | Blog

Since 1997, we’ve had so much fun building homes — so it’s always been our mission to make the process fun for every homeowner too. When you trust Heartland Builders to create your most special place in the world, you set yourself up to have a great time along the way. No, really… It’s Easy. Fun. Fast(er than you think).


This year, we were so proud to be named People’s Choice Builder of the Year from the HBA of Greater Grand Rapids. It’s always an honor to be recognized for our work, but what means the most to us is that this award is determined by YOU, the people, themselves. And at Heartland Builders, you always come first.


At the end of the day, building extraordinary homes is not enough. What our homeowners think of our process and how we’ve made them feel along the way is what matters most. Above all else, when our homeowners are truly happy, we know that we can call the work we’ve done a success.


We want to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who ever came to us in search of home. They’re the ones who have made our careers so incredibly fulfilling, and we’ve believed — since our very first home in 1997 — that they put the “heart” in Heartland Builders.

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