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What We’re Grateful For at Heartland Builders | Blog

With the holidays just around the corner, all of us at Heartland Builders are feeling the love. This year, there’s so much for us to be thankful for — and we’ve been so happy to share the magic of 2019 with you! As we head closer to new adventures and a new year, we want to highlight a few of the things we’re most grateful for…


Our Homeowners: You will always be at the very top of our list! We wouldn’t be able to do what we love each day if it wasn’t for you trusting us with your home. We’re so honored to work alongside people like you.


3D Design: We’re proud to say that our unique 3D feature allows homeowners to view their homes before they’re built. We love turning a process that’s typically scary and stressful into something easy and exciting!


Universal Design: We believe that you should live as comfortably as can be, every single day, for years and years to come. Universal Design features make our vision of this wonderful lifestyle come true. 


Design Center: Our gorgeous Design Center is basically Disneyland for adults… Here, you can style your home however you wish, and choose everything from cabinetry and countertops to floor tile and hardware.


Where We Live: We believe that where you live determines how you live, which is why we’re so grateful to be here! From shopping and dining to trails, parks, and everything in between, life is beautiful in Grand Rapids. And be sure to check out our team’s favorite places in the area!


Family and Friends: There’s nothing as special as time spent with family and friends, especially around the holidays. We’re blessed to know such wonderful people and we can’t wait for all of the upcoming festivities!


Homemade Meals: Just the smell of home-cooked dishes brings about blissful memories… Nothing beats the tried-and-true favorites, which are even more special when enjoyed during the holiday season.


Our Realtors: The respect we have for our Realtors is truly boundless. Because of their dedication and hard work, we’re able to make the dreams of homeowners come true. Talk about a partnership to be proud of! 


Kindness: At Heartland Builders, we always strive to be kind to everyone we come across, and enjoy the simple things that make life so sweet. After all, a simple smile or hello spreads the love far and wide. 


The Holidays: Finally, we’re grateful for the holidays! There’s nothing greater than having the time to gather with loved ones and make memories to cherish forever.


From all of us at Heartland Builders, thank you for a wonderful year!