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5 Reasons to Build a Custom Home vs Buy Production

Your home is the place that you return to every day, where you find comfort and warmth, where you and your family experience life’s best moments. That’s why Heartland Builders specializes in custom homes in the Grand Rapids area, and allows you to choose not only the look and feel, but the heart and soul, of your most special place of all.


What’s the Difference Between a Custom Home and a Production Home?


When you look around for a trustworthy team to build your brand new home, you will come across both production builders and custom builders. The major difference is that while both are experts in their craft, production builders only allow for small custom changes and limited finish choices. Production builders also build multiple homes at a fast pace, usually in neighborhoods that they have developed.


Custom home builders, like Heartland Builders, allow you to design and personalize your home from top to bottom. You have a say over every wall, room, and finish — and everything in between. Here are our top 5 reasons for building a custom home vs buying a production home.


new custom home in michigan


Customization and Personalized Design


With a custom home, you’ll work with our architects and designers from a base floor plan that can be modified, or we can draft an entirely new plan for you. Once the home’s layout is established, you’ll work with our talented interior designer to select every finish in your home — including cabinets, flooring, paint, fixtures, lighting, and more. A custom home truly represents your style and personality!


No Settling – Get Exactly What You Want


With production homes, there often is something you would change if you could — maybe a room you wish you could enlarge, or a door you wish you could move. This is not the case with a custom home – if a standard size closet just won’t do, we’ll make it bigger! The same is true for every part of your home. 


Work with a Fun, Dedicated Team


When you build a new custom home with Heartland Builders, you work directly with the owners, Rich and Cindy Kogelschatz. Rich handles most of the home planning and building process, while Cindy manages just about everything else! They build every home with the same care and attention they’d use with their own construction project; plus, they are a ton of fun!


Easy, Fun, Fast(er than you think!)


With technology and innovation, the new home building process should never be cumbersome or take years to complete. At Heartland Builders, our process is driven by collaboration, communication, and technology. We’ll show you your home using our 3D software before we build it, so that you can see how the final product will look before we build it! It’s your chance to make adjustments and revisions – and we’ll never rush you through the process. After all, home building is 75% planning and 25% construction!


A Once in a Lifetime Experience


When you build a new custom home, and you put so much time and effort into it — and so much of yourself — it naturally becomes part of you. Every time you walk through the door you’ll be reminded of that very special time when, room by room, piece by piece, you created the most exceptional place in the world.

To learn how you can build a custom home in West Michigan that is perfectly suited to you, contact Cindy at 616-205-5430 or schedule an appointment. We can’t wait to meet you!