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Tour Our Renovated Online Home… Our New Website!

At Heartland Builders, our job is to make your life easier. When it comes to building a new home for you and your family, we ensure that our process is Easy. Fun. Fast(er than you think). Part of this process is your initial online research, and we believe that this stage should be just as stress-free as everything else!

That’s why we’ve recently revamped our entire website, so that when you’re looking for someone to partner with and build your home, you have the easiest and most informative tool possible. Like our homes, our brand new website is designed with you in mind. Your online experience should be Easy. Fun. Fast(er than you think)! Here are a few of the features that will guide you on your journey:

#1. Find Your Home with our Floorplan Finder

Our “Find Your Home” feature at the top of our website allows you to easily browse and sort through our 27 customizable floor plans. You can use filters to narrow down search results, including price range, square footage range, number of bedrooms, home type, and the location of your owner’s suite.

From there, you’ll receive a specific list of homes that match your criteria, and you can begin to view details, floor plans, photos, and more. Gone are the days of sifting through homes that don’t fit your wish list. With this feature, you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

#2. Tear Down and Build Section

This section refers to the process of demolishing and rebuilding a home that’s situated on a property that you love, but may not be up to speed with today’s standards or your needs.

We guarantee that the new home built on this land does not interfere with municipal rules or neighbors. We also make sure to repurpose materials before demolition. And of course, your new home reflects you and your style, and is built with your preferences at the forefront!


#3. Easy. Fun. Fast(er than you think) Timeline

When it comes to the building process and construction timeline, our entire team wants you to feel as confident as we are. Many homeowners tolerate the home building process, but we have zero doubt that you will love it. This is a time of genuine excitement as you prepare for move-in day.

We walk you through every step, from an easy home plan choice, price option, and warranty, to the fun process of 3D design, choosing your selections, and watching your home come to life, to a fast(er than you think) 9-month timeline. Every step of the process is already mapped out in terms of length, so you’re guaranteed to be on top of what’s going on.

#4. Customer Satisfaction

Because hearing from our homeowners is so important to us, we give every homeowner the opportunity to openly and candidly detail their Heartland Builders experience. This “Customer Satisfaction Survey Results” section of our site gives you a thorough overview of all of the feedback we’ve received.

Take a look at how the people we’ve worked with ranked us on categories like Quality of Workmanship, Easier Than Expected, and Clean & Safe. Browse photos of homes we’ve built, comments from homeowners, and more. We want our homeowners to let us know about their experiences, and we’re proud to share these results on our site.

#5. Oldies but Goodies

Of course, some things never go out of style. We’ve rolled over a few pages that highlight what differentiates us from other builders, and help make your experience memorable and fun. Our “3D Design” and “Free Land Evaluations” pages illustrate a few of our greatest offerings.

Before we even build your home, you’re able to see both the outside and inside with our 3D Design process, so you’re not merely visualizing the home in your head. Experience sight lines, traffic patterns, and the natural flow of the design like never before, and see your new home as clearly as possible. We will also show you your home in 3D on your land. The architectural design process in 3D is one of the most fun parts!

As an “on-your-lot” custom builder, all of our homes and home sites vary. Our Free Land Evaluations help you evaluate the site improvement costs and make sure the home you want will work on your land. Don’t buy a piece of land without having a builder look at it. Make sure that you understand what it will take to build your home on that land. Here, you can quickly and easily sign up for a free land evaluation!


At Heartland Builders, we take the stress and headache out of the homebuilding process. Actually, we strive for it to never exist at all. This is a guarantee that we incorporate into every aspect of our work, from our website to the physical building phase to warranty. Our new site is designed for you to easily navigate the initial stages of your greatest journey yet. We hope you enjoy browsing our new online home!

Heartland Builders is a custom home builder located in Grand Rapids, MI. For more information on our homes, please visit www.heartlandbuilders.com, or call 616-205-5430.