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The Home You Deserve At a Price You Can Afford | Blog

At Heartland Builders, we know that home is the most special place in the world — it’s where you enjoy your family, celebrate milestones, and experience the simple joys of everyday life. When you envision your “dream home,” you may think of something unattainable; but with us, the home you deserve is within your budget.

Before we begin our physical building process, our friendly and knowledgeable team works to ensure that you’re confident and in control of your finances. From choosing a plan to making selections before financing your home, we’re with you every step of the way. 

Finally, when we break ground, you can be sure that our energy-efficient practices and universal features guarantee a home that ages gracefully with you, so you can afford it (and live in it!) as long as you want to. Take a look at how we guarantee to stay on budget:

1. Pre-Priced Plans and Options: From the very beginning, you’ll always know the exact price of your home. If you modify your plan (or opt to use your own), we’ll still prepare an easy-to-understand budget.

2. Your Home in 3D: In order to “approve” your home, you deserve the best possible option. See your home in 3D before we built it, so we can minimize the changes during construction that would increase costs. 

3. Land Evaluation: At Heartland Builders, we’re always prepared for whatever comes our way. We visit each home site to review the topography and other site conditions so that any and all variables are minimized.

4. Design Center: Feel like a kid in a candy store as you work with our experienced interior designer to beautify your home! We’ll help you manage your money, so you get the look you want at a price you can afford..

5. Make Selections: By choosing your selections before we break ground, any financial worries you may have will be eased before you finance your home. Not to mention, you’ll have peace of mind knowing we’ll be building your home according to what you choose (with fewer changes)! 

6. Quality of Construction: Our promise is to consistently use energy-efficient products and practices, and incorporate universal design features that you will love so that your home will move through life just as you do.

7. We’re On a Mission: Every single day, we wake up eager and ready to build the home that you deserve at a price you can afford. Playing a role in your lifelong happiness is what makes us happy — we love doing it!

With Heartland Builders, you can finally say goodbye to your fears about finances. When you work with us, we work for you, so you can always be sure that we have your back throughout every step of our Easy. Fun. Fast(er) than you think process. For more information, please call 616-205-5430. We can’t wait to meet you!